September 25, 2014

Good Listener

" What the hell is good of talking, if nobody is going to listen to you " - George Herrimen 

So, what about that quote? Why you still talking if nobody is going to listen. Well, everyone need to talk anyway. Talk about anything, even just a little everyday, but everyone need it. and who care about the other who's not going to listen. Because somehow, there will be someone who will always listening. He/She/them will always listen to all your story. As you know, Listen has the same letters as silent. if they just silent when you were talking, that doesn't mean they didn't listening to you. is just another way to be a good listener. For me, listening is important. Listen and to be listened it's something important in a relationship. Relationship that i mean here it's not just for a couple, but also like family, and of course God :) Cause if you have became a good listener, surely you'll be listened! For example, you listen to your God, what did He say about good and bad for your life, and God will always listening to all your prayers. and If you have someone who always wanna listen to all your story, and they are a good listener to you (your life), keep them !! love them!! and give your care for them!! because not all people in this world can be a good listener or learn to be a good listener :) 

what i wear? Top : Vintage (mom's closet) | Short : Heliosjie | Bag : Michael Kors 

September 22, 2014

 How are you guys? i'm totally fine now! but you know, i need wifi in my home :( Gosh! i have to go to my campus everyday just to use wifi cause i need to post a new blog :') hehehehe and now, let me post another review about Pokaku. and let's use Bahasa :D

Pokaku adalah sebuah website yang baru saja launching pada bulan juni 2014 lalu. Pokaku menyediakan berbagai macam costumized product yang bisa kamu desain sesuka hatimu. Lebih hebatnya lagi nih, di ada sebuah online studio. Nah, disitu kamu bisa dengan mudahnya merancang produk kamu sendiri. Mau diapain aja sesuka kamu deh! Tinggal klik, upload terus kalo mau kamu edit edit sedikit bahkan banyak juga boleh banget. Setelah itu Pokaku bakalan langsung memproses produk kamu..... Eitssss, bukan hanya itu aja! di Pokaku juga ada market place, jadi kalau kamu punya banyak banget karya menarik, kamu bisa jual deh desain kamu yang lucu dan menarik itu ke market place Pokaku! dari penjualan itu, kamu bisa dapet royalti yang bisa kamu atur sendiri berapa royalti yang mau kamu terima!! Asik gak? Asik gak? Kalau aku sih tertarik banget nih sama website yang asik ini! Gak cuma bisa mendesain buat diri sendiri, tapi juga bisa mendesain buat ngedapetin uang jajan tambahan. Buat kamu yang suka banget ngedesain dan bikin karya yang lucu-lucu, kamu harus banget join di Pokaku !!

Kamu juga bisa nemuin Pokaku disini

duuuuh....tunggu apalagi? ayooo bikin produk kamu sendiri di Pokaku! Banyak banget keuntungan yang bisa kamu dapetin, bukan cuma buat seru-seruan tapi juga bisa jadi lahan bisnis kamu yang baru.

Nah, ini salah satu iPhone case yang aku bikin di . My name on it! and its my favorite color <333 br="" nbsp="">

September 20, 2014

Sept, 11.

Sept, 11.

Thanks for all the happiness. Thanks God, thanks for giving me another year to celebrate my birthday. Thanks for giving me another time to spend with all people who i love. Thank you so much for my mom, for giving me this cute yellow-cake with an eiffel tower as a candle. and thank you so much for you, who give me this beautiful flowers that you made by yourself (and also for the surprise you made, you put this flowers in front of my house at 12, you are so sweet, i don't even think about how sweet you are, thank you so much for make me crying because i love you so badly!) and thank you so much for my dad, for the wishes, even you are not here with me and my mom because you have to work there, miss you dad! and also for all my friends, my best friends, for all the wishes, for the voice note and the cake with "happy birthday DENIATHLY" hehehe that's so cute and sweet!! And thanks thanks again for all of you that i can't mention it one by one, because i have so many people who loves me so much.... BIG THANKS TO ALLAH <3 nbsp="" p="">
P.S : now, i'm officially 21. is it too old for you? Nope! hahaha i'm finally Legal :p


it's been a long time since my last post. I'm so sorry because i have no internet connection in my new house (i need wifi) so i can't post anything or even just for look at my blog :( I will make a new outfit post soon (and also sponsorship post) see you at another post! :D

August 29, 2014

What's new?

i'm kinda busy lately, because Alhamdulillah, i will move to the new place at the end of this month. New place, i mean.... new home for me and my family in Yogyakarta. As a "nomaden-person" hahaha i always move move and move with my family. From home to home, from city to another city, from island to another island, its hard to explain how many times i have do this "move move things" even from heart to heart :D hihihi. i wish this is the last "move" for me and my family. Amin. New Home..... New Bedroom.... i'm coming!! :D and i wish this is also the last love that i will stay forever <3 br="">

August 18, 2014


" Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel.Like you're less than fuckin' perfect.Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel, like you're nothing.You're fuckin' perfect to me! " Fuckin Perfect - PINK
how do you know that you are pretty enough for him? pretty enough for the world, and even for your self? have you ever think that you are not pretty. because you see the other girl, and of course she's more prettier than you, smarter than you, slimmer than you, she have a beautiful skin, she's richer than you, she's even more famous than you, everyone know her, everyone say that she's beautiful, and then she's get the most handsome guy in town. how about that? how about a girl who will always more more and more than you? how about her? how about her? how about them, them, her, her, and many more? i'm sure that every girl ever think like this. right? you're lying to me if you say no!
you know, there will always be a girl who more than you, more pretty, more beautiful, more smart, more slim, more tall, more rich, more more more and more. but, look at them! are they we? No, of course not! she's beautiful, and we are just who we are. Yes, we are just who we are. Be confident about who we are. We will be pretty in our way, smart in our way, even rich in our way. Because every girl in this world is beautiful. You just have to be confident to your self. God created us to be different from the other. Yes, maybe she's beautiful because of she has a beautiful skin. try to look at our self, what's beautiful from us? We have something special in our self. for example, maybe you are smart in something like math ? that will make you more special than the other! or maybe, you've got talent, like dancing or singing, or maybe in sport like swimming, or running! that will make you more special than the other, even that girl who's more than you as you said before. That girl is not you. she will never be you. she has got her 'special' in her way. As well as you, you have your 'special' in your way.
be confident! be special! and the more important thing is BE YOU !!!

and how about me? i ever feel like that way. but now, i have to be confident about my self. about who i am, about what's special in me, and about proud to be me. And if there's people who said a negative think about you, just ignore them. Forget people who disrespect you. Just remember and love people who will always give you their respect about who you are, and look at you for who you are :) 

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August 13, 2014

I don't do FASHION. I am Fashion!

where's the location? it's Yogyakarta Fortress Museum (Official Indonesian name, Museum Benteng Yogyakarta), also known as Vredeburg Fortress Museum is a museum in Yogyakarta The museum was established in a former Dutch fortress. It is located in front of Gedung Agung, one of seven presidential palaces in Indonesia and the Sultan Palace called Kraton. You have to visit this place if you come to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


bag and t-shirt from CALLISTA ROOM ! check out their collection on Instagram @Callistaroom 

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