April 20, 2014

That Blue Sky

" That blue sky, that blue sky reminds me of you. that blue sky makes me feel more stronger than before. you know, i am the weakness girl you ever met as you said before. you know, i just wanna be stronger than you think about me. yes i am, here i am, standing in front of you. smile, and feel so warm. the blue sky today.......can you see it? can you see what i see? cause you know, i always see what you see. think what you think. how about you? how about something that you see? how about something that you feel? i know you love that color, but did you love me? I'm gone. will you missing me, missing me standing in front of you with a smile on my face and telling you that i love that blue sky, cause you are my blue sky. but now i'm gone. i'm already gone. " - Just a story about a girl and her blue sky.


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LO by Lovita Hilman.
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April 18, 2014

How to avoid online shopping fraud ?

Did you love online shopping ? and have you ever have a trouble or something that makes you feel so dissapointed with online shopping? like fraud ? This is the review for you who love online shopping and how to avoid online shopping fraud. There are a few simple rules that can help you to stay safe from becoming a victim of online shopping fraud and save a lot of money. The below infographic will show you how!

How to avoid online shopping fraud ?
Have you ever been a victim of cyber crime? Hopefully not, but if so you are not alone. During the past five years, every third shopper has experienced fraud while purchasing online. To avoid online shopping fraud follow these simple six steps instead of implementing complicated software's to your computer:

1. Avoid public WIFI
If you are sitting in a Coffee shop you do not have to log into the public WIFI and make orders online. Public WIFI provides a big risk that somebody else using the WIFI get access to your personal details easily. Password and pin numbers are easily detected through public WIFI's. Be smart and purchase online with you private WIFI at home.
2. Check reviews
It is becoming popular to write about personal experiences of ordering online. Reviews give you a great overview of the customer care of an online business. At online review platforms like TrustedCompany.com you can read and write reviews for free. Check it out before purchasing and make sure you will not be a victim of shopping fraud.
 3. Bank transactions 
Check your bank account on a regular basis, especially after purchasing. If you do so, you can react quickly in case anything happens related to online shopping fraud.
4. URL
Is the URL still the same in the buying process as it was when you started shopping? If not you should not order at this site because the chance to become a victim of fraud is very high.
5. Discounts
Discounts are very attractive for everybody focusing on the budget. But huge discounts are too good to be true. Big promotions or free giveaways are always related to something which is good for the company but not good for you at all.
6. Terms and conditions 
If you cannot return your order do not purchase at this shop. Returning orders should be as easy as possible in case that clothes do not fit or the quality is not as you thought. Check terms and conditions before purchasing.

Online shopping is fast and convenient. In the 21st Century you can get almost everything in the internet, but it also contains some risks, as fraud and other cyber crimes. Now you know how to avoid online shopping fraud.

Read more here: http://trustedcompany.com/blog/avoid-online-shopping-fraud-infographic/

April 13, 2014

Just A Story

 " There are so many things she want him to know, so many things she wanna share it with him. There are always times and she think its almost every second she wanna spend with him. him. him. but who is she for him? who is he for her? there are just a friend, " just friend " they are not in that kind of relationship, they are not together like a cute couple. No, they weren't. So, if she wanna do all things she wanna do, she feels like she can't do that. she's not his girlfriend, she is just his girl - friend. it hurt her sometimes, but she's fine with it. as long as she can be his friend, as long as she can see him, as long as she can touch him as a friend of course, she'll be fine. as a simple thing, she want him to text her early everyday, reply her text as fast as he can, but she can't ask him to do that, she can't, she just can't. he knew she loved him. she knew he loved her. they just can't be together right now ( not forever as she wish ) . she can't tell him she love him, she miss him everytime she want to. she can't text or call him everytime she miss him, she can't mad at him if he didn't text her or she get a late reply. she can't mad at him if he get close to the other girl. she can't, there are so many things she can't do. how about her feeling,how about his feeling how about them ? how about love ? how if they lose each other before she and him became " us " ? "
-- this is just a story between she and him --

this adorable skirt i get from my sponsor :)
 LO by Lovita Hilman.
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what i wear? Floral crown : Dhievine | Pink Floral Top : Matahari Dept Store | Skirt : LO by Lovita Hilman | Bag : Gaudi | Shoes: Unbranded

P.S : did i cut my hair ? yes i did! i love my long hair, i just doesn't feel so comfortable with my long hair in this situation, i mean...in college, i have so many things to do, and feel so gerah -hahaha- with my hair if i get it long, so i cut my hair, maybe next time i will cut my hair shorter than before ;p

April 09, 2014

ZALORA Mobile Apps for iOS

Hello readers, maybe this is the first time (after a long time) i would write a post with Bahasa Indonesia, why? because i wanna tell you about Zalora, and online shop based in Indonesia. have you heard about Zalora? i have made a review about them, you can check it out my post here -> http://nemesisiodenia.blogspot.com/2014/01/zalora-indonesia.html 

So, Siapa sih dijaman yang udah canggih seperti sekarang ini yang gak suka belanja online. Karena belanja online itu, bagi sebagian bahkan bagi kebanyakan orang lebih canggih, lebih praktis dan lebih hemat tenaga daripada harus muterin mall. Terutama buat mereka yang gak punya banyak waktu buat muterin mall tiap minggu nya buat beli baju, belanja online bakalan selalu jadi pilihan nomor satu. Buat mereka yang gak mau ribet, belanja online selalu jadi pilihan setiap wanita, ups! pria juga ya :D

Buat kebanyakan orang yang suka belanja online, terutama yang berdomisili di Indonesia. Pasti udah kenal sama yang nama nya Zalora ! Zalora Indonesia merupakan situs ecommerce fashion yang terbesar dan tercepat di Asia Tenggara, dan yang lebih asiknya lagi, Zalora punya lebih dari 500 koleksi merek lokal ataupun internasional !

Siapa yang suka belanja di Zalora ??? :D

Tapi, semakin berkembangnya zaman, semakin banyak orang-orang yang pakek gadget canggih. Semakin sedikit juga yang punya waktu buat mantengin komputer atau laptop cuma buat belanja online di tengah-tengah kesibukan yang pastinya sibuk banget. Di kondisi yang seperti ini, Zalora menawarkan kemudahan buat semua pecinta online shop terutama Zalora Indonesia !

this is ZALORA Mobile Apps for iOS, you can check it out here -> http://bit.ly/1jX00ev

dengan ZALORA Mobile Apps for iOS, tentunya kamu bakalan lebih gampang buat mengakses situs Zalora dan memilah milih mana yang mau kamu beli buat keperluan kamu! Kamu bisa pakek gadget canggih kamu ( Iphone/Ipad, Android ) dimana pun dan kapanpun kamu mau, sambil browsing koleksi favorite yang mau kamu beli di Zalora. Bisa sambil makan, nonton tv, ngumpul bareng teman-temen, perjalanan pulang kuliah atau kerja, atau sebelum tidur sambil cek via ZALORA Mobile Apps for iOS !!

Gak cuma itu, kamu juga bisa share produk favorite kamu ke teman atau pun keluarga kamu, melalui akun Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, SMS dan masih banyak lagi.

Lebih gampang, lebih asik, lebih praktis, dan masih banyak lebih lebih yang menguntungkan lainnya! So, tunggu apa lagi ? Kamu bisa langsung download aplikasinya disini -> HERE  

April 06, 2014

Tonight We Drink, Tomorrow We Ride


all you can get it from SPRL STORE
Jl. Demangan no 31 Yogyakarta 
you also can check it out their product here :
Twitter: @SPRLSTORE 
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for online order : 0856 435 44033
BB Pin: 31589EF0 
Photograph by AdamFajari

March 26, 2014


have you hear about basicWardrobe, its an online shop based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. they sell so many adorable vintage clothes. this one is my favorite Tetris Button Down, i love their product, its so comfortable to wear, likewise with an affordable price :D

and i have an interview with founder of basicWardrobe: 

Hi, lets introduce yourself!
V : Hi, I’m Vita and I am owner of basicWardrobe

Why the name is "basicWardrobe?"  
V : I don't know where is come from, its just come out from my mind. in this case, Basic its not mean basic like black blazer, jeans, t-shirt or anything that some people said that all girls have to but and wear it. but for me basicWardrobe means i want this to be one of basic wardrobe for all girls who wanna be so special when they wear that clothes. 

Why you love vintage ? 
V : They are special! i love the detail in vintage pieces and it still in style. I was never too fashionable, i'm not the one who spend a lot of money just to buy something just because of brand, but love to buying clothes more personally.

Who is basicWardrobe girl ? 
V : Who is fun girl, free spirited, liked to dress up but doesn’t try to hard, and classy. 

Fashion icon ? 
V : I love Jane Birkin!! and for this nowadays, Kate moss, Chloe Sevigny and Zoe Kravitz.

What's your expectation ? 
V : I hope i can bring out the next collection more fresh, and suitable for many occasions and  very "basicWardrobe"

you can check their product here: 

Blog: http://basicwardrobe.blogspot.com
Twitter: @basicWardrobe
Facebook: basicWardrobe
Instagram: @basic_wardrobe