October 29, 2014

Laseca Salon and Spa

Who doesn't love to go to salon and spa? Every girl always love spending their "me time" at salon and spa. Me as a busy girl ( hahaha just kidding ) i mean, i was busy lately because i have a lot work to do at my campus, i don't really have time to go to spa or salon or another me time even at my home, so sad :( but, last week i've got an invitation ( Thanks to Mba Stella ) from Laseca Salon and Spa, to try their new place with the new concept. Who doesn't know Laseca? Everyone knows. and we as a girl, doesn't have to feel worry about the place, because it's girl only! Thanks God, and also big Thanks to Laseca to give me the treatment when i feel so bad about my self because so hard to have "me time". How about the treatment? I recommend you to come. You can find their new branch at Jl. Hadidarsono no. 7, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta. Once again, Thank you so much Laseca :)

*me before the treatment* 

Review : Tirana House

 This is me wearing Tirana House's new collection. You can find your favorite items too, and don't forget to visit their Blog, Tirana House 

*this is their store, at Jl.Suryodiningratan 55, Yogyakarta, Indonesia*

ah, i will tell you a bit about Tirana House again. i know you will never get dissapointed about their collection, because they have a lot of product from international brand. if you live in Yogyakarta, this is a boutique you have to visit! and you not only can shop here, because there are so many exciting event you can join! such as Kamis Seru ( tarot, henna, face sketch ) , Scrapbook Exhibition and Workshop, Arisan Tirana, and then for the next event there is watercolor workshop on November.

Let's shop and have fun! :)

October 24, 2014

Tirana House

Tirana House is a boutique with home shopping concept, so you can shop like your own house. Tirana sell so many things, such as for kids, for woman, for man, underwear, shoes, baby stroller, perfume, and many more. And it's all original from the international brand! and you can find artspace, rest area with wifi and coffee corner at Tirana House. Where's Tirana House? You can visit their boutique at Jl. Suryodiningratan no. 55 Yogyakarta.
Last week, i've got an invitation from mba Nunuk as Tirana House's owner to visit their store and do a photoshot, and also interviewed by Jogja TV. You can watch it on November, i will give you the date later :) and here's me with my models wearing Tirana House's product :)

P.S : There will be next post about Tirana House, will post about me wearing their product soon.

October 23, 2014

Fall Style Challenge

to complete the style from Bonobos's new fall collection of men's suits, you can check it out on Bonobos.com , here i am wearing something that might be perfect to go out with a perfect men who's wearing bonobos fall collection :) so, why i'm wearing this outfit? Well, i think its perfect to go for a date with my boyfriend who's wearing Bonobos's new fall collection of men's suits. It's look so girly but not look too much to go for a date. Well, i feel so ready if my boyfriend ask me that :p and how about to go to the party with this look? its also perfect for you, i think i'm going to tell him to ask me out hahaha
Well, if you are looking for a birthday present for your boy, you can also check out their product, because it will fit them so well. I guess, you can make your boy look so handsome in just one suit :D

October 15, 2014

Blogger x Vintage Party

Thanks everyone who has come to this event (for 2 days) it such a great event. Will wait for this event again next year! #BloggerxVintageParty

 *This is what i am selling, feat @sundance_craft *

 *Chintya, aubrey and me*

*Chintya, Vania, and me* 

*hahahah does he look so(k) cool? -_-" *

October 05, 2014

Marry that boy!

Saturday morning jumped out of bed and put on my best suit, You got in a car and raced like a jet, all the way to me, Knocked on my door with heart in your hand to ask him a question 'Cause I know that he's an old fashioned man ... "Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life?" (Say yes, say yes) 'Cause you need to know, he say he'll never get your blessing till the day he die Tough luck your friend but the answer is no!! Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know he's human too Why you gotta be so rude I'm gonna marry him anyway Marry that boy Marry him anyway Marry that boy no matter what you say Marry that boy And we'll be a family
Rude (Girl Version)

What i wear? Top : Jolie | Skirt : Unbranded | Shoes : Icon99 | Bag : Gaudi | Watch: Born Pretty Store

oh and by the way, don't forget to come to Vintage Weekend Party : Fashion Blogger x Vintage Shops. on October, 11 - 12 , start from 12 PM until 8 PM at MATCHAMU CAFE!   

save your money, save the date and see you there !! :D