January 20, 2015

Different Style

have i ever told you about my sense of fashion and what style that i like to dress my self? how i dress my self for a post on my blog and how i dress my self to go to campus? and how i dress my self when i go out with my friends or my boy? Well...i have a different style for all of those things. if you ask me "why don't you dress like all your post on the post?" if what you mean is girly, a bit vintage, wearing dress or skirt. i will honestly said no! why? because i can't. First of all, i live in Indonesia where there are a lot of people who will judge you if you get "saltum / salah kostum" (wearing something that doesn't fit the situation) as they said. This doesnt mean that i care about them. This is mean that i still have respect about the tradition in my country. Still have manners, and respect all norms in my country :) If there's people said that they can't express their self because of that. i don't really agree with them. because i can still express my self and dress like what i want. i can still wearing dress, or something like mini skirt, short, or something that i ever wear for my blog post but in the right situation. I mean.... i can't wear mini skirt and go to campus. hahaha anyone? :p because i can't just act like a boy (if you know what i mean) in campus if i wear mini skirt. Then i can't just run and run wherever i want if i wear highheels or wedges hahaha. "aku terjatuh dan tak bisa bangkit lagi" nanti aku nyanyi lagu itu :') i usually wear sneakers or boots on campus, maybe i will look a little bit boyish. And i can dress a bit girly if i go out with my friends and my boy. Then i can wear dress or skirt or maybe short if only i go out with my family because we are using the car, you knew you can't just wear skirt if you go with motorcycle hahaha. Maybe for the next post i will share about my daily look for campus :) maybe this is enough for this post. i just share my thought. hope you enjoy your day. see ya on the next post! 

what i wear? Top : Tirana House | Dress : Nemesis Shop | Shoes : Fly | Bag : Callista Room 

January 16, 2015

Like Unicorn

Well, let's talk about mood. i have a very bad mood, i mean i can get angry and happy easly. i don't know what i have to do when i get angry cause i don't wanna hurt people around me, then i just run away to my room and sometimes i go to bathroom just to crying alone. if you ask me what's my favorite place to go? My answer is my bedroom and bathroom (any bathroom, everywhere) somehow it's look so funny for me, how can a bathroom became my favorite place to go? but i have my own answer, it is because i feel so comfortable with it. i feel like that's my second bedroom there. i can do anything without anyone looking at me. just me, water and is there anything else? hahaha do i look so weird doing this thing? i can go to bathroom like 20 times a day, just for pee (because i get some trouble about it, people called it "beser" ) , for take a bath (like 2 or 3 times a day) and if i feel bad i will just go to bathroom for crying. hehehe sorry for this kind of weird fact about me. let's stop talking about this fact hahaha anyway do you have some weird fact about yourself? i'd love to read it :D just tell me, because there's no "normal" people in this world hihihi :p Like a unicorn, it's weird, isn't it? but i found them unique. So, if you have found yourself weird, no please do not said that. you are not weird, cause you are just so unique just the way you are. 

what i wear? Top: Unbranded | Jeans : Jolie | Skirt : Buti | Bag: Callista Room | 

January 08, 2015

First Outfit

What would i say to the new year ? Everyone will say Welcome 2015 or Hello 2015, and then they will say Thank you 2014, and the other will say "new year, new me" and the other will say another things about 2015 and 2014. I think all of you will get bored if i say the same things like the others hahahaha so now i will just upload my first outfit post on 2015 and said that i was so sorry for being lazy lately about blogging or event just for blog walking. as you knew (maybe hahaha) i have moved to a new home and you have to know that i have no internet connection there *crying* it's so hard for me to post anything, or blogwalking or even just for update something on social media *crying again* i have to go to my campus to get the internet ( i mean wifi ) to post something on the blog, this kind activity made me feel so tired, should i always bring my netbook to campus? Oh God! i mean....i was so lazy for doing this hahaha no no! i'm not complaining about my situation right now, i feel so happy about my new home, new place, new situation. i just ...like the other "young-people" , i need wifi hahaha. WIFI pleaseee come to meeeee, hahaha okay! skip about my life. ah! another thing that i wanna say is thank you very much for all of you who still read or just visit my blog. without you i am nothing ( why so sweet hahaha ) but i'm not lying. from deep of my heart, i love you so much !!! :* let always be friend event on this blog by blogwalking, wish someday or maybe this year, we will meet each other :D hihihi see ya! :D

what i wear? Sweater : Choies | Dress : Design by me | Bag : Gowigasa | Shoes : Fly 

December 12, 2014

Work with Passion

Finally everything is done now. So happy because this semester will be end soon, and that's mean holiday is comiiingggggg. OMG! i'm so excited about this. i need to take a rest for a while. Enough for this semester, because i feel so tired hahaha. Wait for the next 2 years, and i will leave it #ifyouknowwhatimean 
by the way, how are you guys? i feel so excited because i'm done with my practice assignments this semester, make a Variety Show with my team, and like usual and always, me as MUA and Wadrobe. i don't know, i just love this job because everything is so me, working on something that you like, something about your passion feels like heaven to me, because you put your love on that. just like my dream, became something that i want. Working in a place someday because i love it, work with my Passion. Someday i will make it, cause i will do it sincerely :)

What i wear? Dress: Auburn and Ginger | Sling Bag : Callista Room | Shoes : Otani 

December 07, 2014

Blue with Blue

This is just a quick-lazy post. Because i have a lot things to do in Campus. will be back blogging soon with another post. This is my look with Sling Bag from Callista Room :)

That blue sling bag you can get it here - @Callistaroom

November 18, 2014

Time and Love

Time? why time is so important to someone ? because if someone has give you their time, it's mean that they give you their whole life. Appreciate them who has done that to you. Well, there are 2 movies that i've been watched and it's all about time and love. have you watched " about time " and " the time traveler's wife ". Well, that movie teach me to appreciate my time in my whole life, to enjoy my life, we will always have a bad day or a good day in our life, and why we don't just take it easy and enjoy it in every moment. And the other movie teach me that love is patient, love will always understand, and love is your self to someone that you love. Love will always be in your time, if you appreciate it, if you understand about the time, or about their time, love will never make you dissapointed. 
Silahkan tonton 2 film itu dan simpulkan sendiri bagaimana pesan yang didapatkan dari film itu :D 

what i wear? Hat : Hardware | Top : Miami | Bottom : Unbranded | Shoes : Otani